A Place for All of Them

Well, almost all of them.  There are several of them still sitting in baskets or bags of in-progress projects and, I’m sure, there are stragglers in the sofa cushions and maybe out in the bowels of our cars.  Seriously, do I really need all of these?  But of course!!  Can you guess what they are?

Yep, crochet hooks of all kinds, aluminum, plastic, Bates, Boyes, unknown origins.  Lovely things when all put in a row like this, don’t you think? I got the idea to make this from another crocheting blogger favorite of mine, Handmaid Liset.  She makes these colorful pencil/marker holders and sells them in her shop.  I just loved them!, but needed something for my hooks, not for my pencils…well, not yet anyway…I AM thinking of another holder for all my drawing supplies, both pencils and pens and brushes…oh my!

Anyway…I used stuff I had on hand:  bits of Cotton Classic in various colors and a button.  In a couple of cases the amount of yarn I had dictated how wide the slot was going to be.  I briefly considered lining it with fabric…I may end up regretting I didn’t.  Nor did I make the top long enough to fold over the hooks, which I may regret later also if they all drop out of the holder in transport.  But I do like how it turned out!  So much more cheery than the one I had before, which only held a few of my hooks.  If you crochet, it is simple to tailor make this to suit YOUR crochet hook needs…I could have made it much smaller, to hold fewer hooks.  Likewise, I could have kept on going (since you crochet this side to side) to make room for more.  Simple single crochet is all we have going on here.  Oh, and weaving in ends.  Of the weaving of ends, there is no end!

But it’s worth it in the end, don’t you think?


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