Peek #1 and Thoughts on Becoming

I told you I’d give you peeks at what my Happy Little Squares are becoming.  Here’s the first:  9 squares becoming one bigger square!  Woo Hoo!  And another set is not quite 9 yet.  There will be more of them, these little squares.  And then things will take a turn…rows and rows of colors…and there will be solids here and there as well!  Hee! Hee! Every step is fun, fun, fun!  I’m sure you think me crazy!

I do think about becoming…that whole process from beginning to end.  Nothing becoming something.  An idea becoming a sketch, becoming the first step, becoming the second, then the third and so on…until the thing has become what it was intended to be.  Sometimes, the idea doesn’t become exactly what it started out to be.  Sometimes it becomes something a little different.  Sometimes it becomes something COMPLETELY different.  This is the problem here with showing you peeks as I go along…my original idea might not work out!    My first sketches may become something entirely different.  We’ll have to see.  At this point, it all looks good.  Looks like it might work.  So I’m motivated to keep going.    Every idea is a series of tiny little steps.  My job is just to take the next step.  Then I’ll have the information I need to take the following step, whether that is to adjust the original idea or to keep going.  I’ll keep  you posted.


4 thoughts on “Peek #1 and Thoughts on Becoming

  1. I like the idea that projects are just a series of tiny little steps. Life is like that too, don’t you think? And our job is just to take the next step. Just keep moving and see what becomes. I can’t wait to see what becomes of your squares.

    • Yes, I love the fact that life is like that too! We’re just responsible for the next step…not for twenty steps down the road. Now if I could just DO that…live presently in each moment leaving the cares and worries of the future to the future. Thanks for visiting!

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