I Love Yarn!

Did you know that I love yarn?? Did you also know that today is “I Love Yarn Day“? Woo! Hoo!!!!

I haven’t shared much of my yarn goings on these days…so TODAY is the day!! I finished a vest that is waiting to be blocked and buttons added.  I need to do this as the weather is just about right for it! I’ll show you when it’s all done!  And with what I had leftover from the vest, I’m knitting a simple lace scarf.

Can you see why I love yarn??  Color, color, COLORRRR!!!! And Noro yarns are some of my all-time favorites!! If you’re interested, you can read about my love of yarn here and here and here.

Did you also know that I like to design my own knitted and crocheted things?  Check out my new page for the FREE patterns you can download!

And check out my Etsy Shoppe for many other patterns you can purchase! Here’s a little gallery for you of some of those patterns: (i can’t seem to get the first three images OUT of the gallery. Oh well. Just look at the other 9!)

I hope you have a wonderful I Love Yarn Day!

Maybe you can knit or crochet a bit! And then perhaps you can draw what you’re knitting! Even better!


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