A Knitting Ditty

For all who are seized with thoughts of yarn and needles clicking together and wools to wear and gifts to give and designs to try and stitches to learn. You are not alone. 🙂

Do you knit?

(To the tune of “Do your ears hang low?”)

Do you knit and purl?
Do you give it all a whirl?
Do you continental knit? Like the Europeans do?
Do you throw it o’er your needle, like Americans will do?
Do you knit and purl?

If you knit and purl
You can make anything in the world…
You can bobble, you can seed
You can cable, lace, and swirl.
You can make a vest to wear
Or a headband for your hair…
If you knit and purl.

Would you knit and purl
If you knew it would unfurl
All the knots in your life?
All the tangles of your world?

If you knew it would bring joy
and cause your heart to skip and twirl?
Would you knit and purl?


**Pssst…and did you know I have a secret blog called Drawn2Knit? Well, it’s not really a secret. But it’s for beginners…any who might like to learn some basics of knitting!   Check it out here! 


8 thoughts on “A Knitting Ditty

    • Congratulations to you Serena on the upcoming birth of granddaughter #2!!!! What a lovely reason to crochet and knit a bunch of lovely things! Thank you for taking the time to comment!!

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