A Testament to Love


December 11, 1987 (25 years ago!) my boyfriend proposed to me! After watching White Christmas together (and me wondering why his hands were so sweaty) he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.  After a yes! and some tears and kisses, I pulled out a wrapped package and gave him this sweater.


We had both just finished our student teaching in different towns.  I had been knitting this the whole semester, pining for him.  I was in Asheville, NC and he was in Lincolnton, NC.  It was really the first big undertaking of knitting I had ever tried.  I do think I wore out the little ladies at the Yarn Shop in Biltmore Village where I purchased the yarn and pattern.  I kept popping in with questions about the pattern and the cabling.  I had knitted as a young girl, but nothing anywhere close to this!


I even cross stitched a small label in the collar that reads, “HANDMADE with <heart> by JENNIFER”.  He wore it for years.  Then it got retired for a while, and just recently he pulled it out again, wearing it around the house on cold days.  I couldn’t believe how good it looked after all these years (him too!;).  Must be a fine wool! Not too bad on the pilling.  It seems to have shrunk a bit in the length. But it looks great on him…all professor-like…a look I just adore on my husband.

It’s amazing to have a tangible testament to love…love for him and love for knitting.


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