Easy-Peasy Lace Scarf


If I told you I wasn’t a huge fan of knitting lace, please don’t judge too quickly.  I know, I know…perhaps I’m not a “real” knitter, but it isn’t that I don’t adore the LOOK of lace.  So many of the popular patterns today are these gorgeous shawls either knitted entirely in an intricate lace pattern, or the edging is lacework.  I just don’t enjoy being chained to the pattern, row by row having to read, follow, check, make sure I’m on the right row.  And UN-knitting a row of lacework you’ve knitted incorrectly is the worst. So, for me, I love simple knitting.


Yet, when simple knitting and a bit of lace go together…THAT’s really fun! So I’m passing the fun on to you with instructions to knit a two-row stitch pattern I came across several years ago.  This is the second scarf I’ve made using this two-row repeat pattern.  Yes, that’s it! Only two rows you have to remember, and really, it’s only ONE ROW!  The second row is purling across. How much easier could you get for a pretty, lacy, ripply look!

I have made it into a FREE pattern, writing it so that you can use just about any weight yarn you’d like to! I love knitting the same pattern in all different yarn weights…you wind up with such different looks using the same stitch pattern.  I’ve also added in my Variations on a Theme section, the instructions for making this into a shawl!!  I can’t wait to try that!

The first pic above is my latest Easy-Peasy Lace Scarf I knitted with what I had leftover from a vest I made (this accounts for why it’s a bit short in length).  The yarn is Noro Silk Garden Lite, a favorite yarn typically knitted with a size 6 or 7 needle.  This pattern relies on you knitting with needles at least two sizes larger than what is recommended on the label. I used size 10 needles for this.


This version of the same scarf is one I knitted a few years ago and I wear with my green coat.  I do wish I could tell you what yarn it is.  But it’s the same gauge as Silk Garden Lite and I used size 10 needles with it as well.  My next Easy-Peasy Lace Scarf will be using a chunky weight yarn and see how that turns out. 🙂


I hope you enjoy the Easy-Peasy Lace Scarf pattern as much as I have. Click those highlighted words to download a PDF of it.  You may even have time to knit one or two of these before Christmas if you’re in need of a last-minute gift!


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