My Box


“This is my box, this is my box… I never travel without my box.
In the first drawer I keep my magic stones.
One carnelian against all evil and envy.
One moonstone to make you sleep.
One red coral to heal your wounds.
One lapis lazuli against quartern fever.
One small jasper to help you find water.
One small topaz to soothe your eyes.
One red ruby to protect you from lightning”
“This is my box. this is my box I never travel without my box
In the second drawer, I keep all my beads. Oh! How I love to play with beads …all kinds of beads!
This is my box… this is my box… I never travel without my box.”

from the opera- Amahl and the Night Visitors


Well, my box doesn’t hold beads, but it will hold jeweled balls of yarn.


I was given this awesome vintage box as a special present from a friend with a special purpose…to save my pennies for a some-day trip to France.


I am saving my pennies. But while I’m doing that, I want to use my box to tote yarn.

So I gave it an interior makeover.


Every blue French box needs a touch of red, nest-ce pas?


I wanted to use what I already had. A bit of red quilted fabric here, a spot of colorful toile-ish fabric there, leftover bits of binding in a variety of colors everywhere!


I want to carry this box with me on some knitting adventures.


Perhaps, one day, it will go to France with me.

One day, I will knit in France.

One day.

P.S. In case you are new to my blog(s), (and WELCOME to ALL the new followers here on Knitterly Arts!!), the character you see in the above drawing is Genevieve. She is my creation, a character who showed up in my sketchbooks many years ago and who now is the main character in a children’s book titled Genevieve and the Kite. Click here for information about this book and how to purchase it if you wish. I have the next Genevieve book written and will be working on illustrations in the fall. So keep checking back to see more of Genevieve’s adventures!

Oh. And there are also cards and prints of her in my Etsy Shop! 🙂


10 thoughts on “My Box

  1. What an absolutely delightful box you have created!!! I certainly hope you get to Paris someday, perhaps in the not too distant future…

  2. I am so inspired by everything you do….this box is gorgeous. Have you heard of Helen Stewart (curious handmade) and her Yarns of Paris tour? Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful combination?

    • Hee! Hee! You got that right…I do open it every now and then just to see the inside. But now I’m filling it with a few things for the “adventure” I have coming up this week. I’ll need a few creature comforts, especially some knitting.:)

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