Dreaming in Yarn


Recuperating from major surgery affords one a lot of time to think and dream. In between the bouts of discomfort and the fog of pain meds, ideas drift through my hopeful head.

Shawls and capelets to knit and crochet, drawings and paintings of knitterly things seem to waft through the air as I convalesce.

I’ve taken to sketching them all down in my journal…who knows which ones might become reality one day?


I’m nearly finished with my second Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl! Only a few more rows of this spectacular lime green and I’ll show you the result. This one, however, is not a magic cake of leftover sock yarns, like the pattern calls for and which I made last time. I simply chose a ball of Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn, which stripes the yummy colors on its own. I have a few other variations to Paula Emmons-Fuessle’s wonderful pattern that I’d like to try. It’s one of those super patterns that inspires many variations…you’re getting so much for the price of the one pattern.

I’m also nearing the end of the European Pillow Sham crochet covers. I’ll share this with you as well.

However, these dreamy yarn ideas are begging to have a go and it may need to be sooner rather than later!

We shall see.

In the meantime, I’ll keep dreaming…


4 thoughts on “Dreaming in Yarn

  1. Dreaming is good and convalescing is really good. Your shawl is looking great! It’s a smart thing to jot down the ideas as they come. Post surgery ideas seem to swarm for you!

    • They really do Timaree! Perhaps it’s my body’s way of keeping my mind off the discomfort and keeping hope alive that one day I’ll be better! It is not a piece of cake, I tell ya. 😦 But dreaming helps a lot. Thanks again so very much for the amazing drawing/painting you sent you me. I look at it every day!

  2. I just noticed a quote from Pat Summit that I had taped inside a kitchen cabinet long ago and read again this am – “It is what it is, but it will be what you make it”. I think you are handling your recuperation period in such a way that you will be making something splendid during this time. I honestly think you have been creating beautiful, fun and whimsical things this whole last year. And I love getting to see it all. Kay

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