Knitterly Arts Podcast! Episode One


For some time now (I mean years, yes… years!) I’ve toyed with the possibility of a Knitterly Arts Podcast. I picked up idea after idea– like skeins of yarn on a sale table– testing each one, turning them over in my mind, seeing how they might feel, whether they would work into my full life, whether they would allow me to stay true to my own sensibilities as an artist and maker. In general, I was looking for a focus. Do I concentrate on knitting and crocheting only? Do I even mention the fact that I draw and paint?

Then I came across these words: multi-disciplinary artist. This description SO resonates with me! There are many multi-disciplinary artists out there! Perhaps in an upcoming podcast I’ll share some of the ones I’m aware of and follow. The fact that they work in numerous mediums, as I do, really encourages me.

And so…I have a beginning. I’m really good at beginnings. :0  This falls under the “why not?” category, or the” let’s give-it-a-go”, “I can always change course”, or “nothing ventured- nothing gained” kind of thing. All in all, I’m sure it will be fun! Just one more way to encourage and inspire, teach and guide others in their artful journeys, whether they knit, crochet, paint, draw or all of the above!

In this first episode I share a couple of free patterns I offer, my recent knitted leaf craze, some sock knitting, my Dreamy Poncho, Inktober drawings, and thoughts on how our stitches speak to us.

So with that, I offer you the very first episode of the Knitterly Arts Podcast. Pick up your yarn project or sketchbook and have a listen…


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Show Notes for Episode #1:


My Pumpkin Spice FREE pattern to crochet

My Crochet Handwarmers. Also FREE pattern

Knitted Leaves: Loritimesfive Version (scroll through her Instagram feed for pattern), Oak-ish Leaf by Tina Hilton

My Dreamy Poncho Pattern to Knit

Sock Pattern I use is Susan B. Anderson’s Basic Sock Pattern. But I have converted her pattern to Magic Loop.:)

Dangling Conversation by Mindy Ross

Christmas Stockings by Little Cotton Rabbits


Addendum: If you are having trouble locating Loritimesfive on Instagram, here is her pattern she shared on a recent post, just as she shared it. But you will truly want to follow her on IG!! She posts gorgeous photos of her knitting life in Iceland!

She does not include the I-cord stem here, which I worked over 3 stitches for as long as I wanted the stem to be, then jumped in with “Leaf bottom” instructions.

CO 3 stitches & purl one row.

Leaf bottom: Working stockinette st, on all knit rows: knit to center st, yo, knit 1, yo, knit to end. Purl backside. Do this until leaf is as wide as you would like it (about 7 increase rows). .
Leaf tip: Continuing in st st, on next knit rows: ssk, knit to last 2 sts, k2tog. Purl backside. When 3 sts remain, slip first 2 sts knitwise – knit 1 – pass 2 slipped stitches over the knit one.
Break yarn and pass through the remaining st. Block, pinning down the edges.
{free pattern found on the Internet}. 🍁🐿


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