Knitterly Arts Podcast Episode #2 SAFF


This past weekend was a wonder! All things yarn, fiber, spinning, weaving, dying, pottery, making and more! But my favorite thing at SAFF…well, you’ll just have to watch the podcast to find out!

Here are the Show Notes for Episode #2 of my Knitterly Arts Podcast. Thank you so very much for spending time watching. I hope it is inspiring and encouraging to you on your journey of creativity, whether it be with yarn or paintbrush, or some other medium!!


**A special note on the above drawing: Someone on Instagram has asked if she could purchase a print of one of my sheep drawings. I am currently working out how to offer these. I’ll let you know in the next episode how you could purchase prints and cards of these fine animals!



Show Notes:

SAFF (Southeastern Animal Fiber Festival)

Hartworks Stoneware Inc. (makers of Rosalina and her blue friend:)

Camel City Dye Works (Angie Kimel’s fiber shop on ETSY)

Gwyneth Glynn Longwools (coral hunk o’ lovin’)

Kathryn Withers (turquoise spindle with free roving)

Myra Wood’s freeform crochet book titled Creative Crochet Lace


Places I’m sharing my ArtfulΒ Journey:

*here on this Knitterly Arts wordpress site




*Facebook: Artful Life

*My YouTube Channel (for this and all subsequent podcasts)

*Etsy shop for patterns and more!


*Other blogs I currently host and post to:

A Pilgrim’s Draw

A Knitter’s Grace

as well as the blog connected to



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