Knitterly Arts Podcast #8: Spring Surprises!


My neighborhood is in full spring regalia as the pear trees have bloomed in an unprecedented early time! You get to go on a little walk with me to see the “winter snow” on our trees!:)

I’m also over-the-moon excited to tell you about my new ebook & video course, Discover Your Life Beautiful, One Drawing At A Time. This 12-Lesson course for developing a practice of drawing is now available in my ETSY shop for immediate download upon purchase.


All sorts of other creative adventures center on the Lenten season leading up to Easter, which one would think is already here with the beautiful Bradford Pear trees blooming in our neighborhood. Here’s hoping you are enjoying much creativity whether you have actual snow or snowy blossoms or just winter bare trees.

Artfully Yours,



Show Notes for Episode #8:

*Knitography Vlog with Patricia Anne (p4chen – Instagram)

*Discover Your Life Beautiful – One Drawing At A Time. My new ebook and video course for developing a practice of drawing your life in a sketchbook.

*A Pilgrim’s Draw. My blog for my annual pilgrimage through Lent. Walk and draw with me to provide focus for the weeks preceding Easter.

*Liturgy of the Ordinary by Tish Harrison Warren.

*Remembering past Lenten journeys.

*Resurrection Shawl


*Inspirational tunic – above photo taken from Pembeorgu’s Instagram feed.

*Old Sheep ETSY shop for colorful, sparkly wool batts.

*True Spectrum art yarns created by the amazing Anna Manayan.


Places I’m sharing my Artful Journey:

*here on this Knitterly Arts wordpress site (Subscribe to receive all notifications!)




*Facebook: Artful Life

*My YouTube Channel (for this and all subsequent podcasts)

*ETSY shop for patterns, weavings, and NOW my new Drawing Course!


*Other blogs I currently host and post to:

A Pilgrim’s Draw

A Knitter’s Grace

as well as the blog connected to


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