Knitterly Arts Podcast #9: Dollhouse Menagerie

My favorite thing about knitting and crocheting is that it carries and sustains us through all the seasons of our lives. Whether we knit through the actual seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, or whether we crochet through tough times as well as good, we are marking our days with the things we make. In this podcast I continue this theme with my spring knits, the all-season sock knitting on my needles, patterns I’m considering knitting next, as well as recent drawings marking the days of Lent.

I also introduce the menagerie that lives in my desk-top dollhouse. I love to knit or crochet small creatures, such as Arne & Carlos’ mouse pattern from which I knitted two mice and named them Mortimer and Millicent. Many other friends who live in the Castle are introduced, as well as two bunnies made from a simple knitted or crocheted square!

Check out all the wonderful links here to everything discussed in the Podcast!




Show Notes for Episode #9:

*Opal Sock Yarn. Fresh & Juicy. Color #9360

*Arne & Carlos’ Knit and Crochet Garden. (pattern for Mice is in this book)

*Angie Kimel of Camel City Dyeworks ETSY shop

*Eli of Skeindeer Knits Ravelry shop for Selbu Mitten Pattern

*Ann Wood‘s free Mouse Pattern

*Bunnies from a Square


Places I’m sharing my Artful Journey:

*here on this Knitterly Arts wordpress site (Subscribe to receive all notifications!)




*Facebook: Artful Life

*My YouTube Channel (for this and all subsequent podcasts)

*ETSY shop for patterns, weavings, and NOW my new Drawing Course!


*Other blogs I currently host and post to:

A Pilgrim’s Draw

A Knitter’s Grace

as well as the blog connected to


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