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Knitting a Life…Drawcumenting the Days




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7 thoughts on “Website & Social Media

  1. Hi Jennifer. I found you while on Pinterest through another Artist who had you as a link. I want to let you know that I LOVE your art and I have “pinned” some of your art. You can look at it on my Pinterest site at Tisha Sheldon. I hope that this is okay, if not I will be happy to remove it. I don’t blog but I will visit yours, I love it! I watercolor, knit, and do a little crochet. Your work just touched my heart! Thank you! Tisha

    • Hi Elaine! I just checked to see if the link on You Tube is working and it is! The link takes you to KnitterlyArtsdotWordpressdotcom where you will then need to click on the latest Podcast image, for Episode #7. Perhaps I’ll change the link to be more specific! Thanks! I’ll go do that now! :))

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