Fiber Filosophy


Just make.


Follow a line of yarn.

Delight in wherever it takes you.

Knit Mindfully.

Crochet with Abandon.

Be the Boss of your Making.

Listen to your Stitches.

They will heal.

And soothe.

And guide and encourage.

Keep stitching no matter what.

Just make.


Jennifer Edwards


2 thoughts on “Fiber Filosophy

  1. I did not know Elizabeth Zimmerman liked to draw! I have her books on knitting and love them.

    Did you know Julia Child’s was a sort of spy during WWII? She carried secrets from the government from one spy agency to another! I thought that was quite interesting.

    I remember many years ago trying to follow a Leewards pattern in a kit for crocheted beaded rings to wear, that I just could not understand what they were wanting me to do. I asked my sister to read the directions and see if she could tell me even though she didn’t crochet. Well she read the directions aloud and put the tonal emphasis in a different spot than I did and it made total sense! That’s how easy it is to go astray. I find it difficult to follow narrow patterns preferring general howtos more.

    • It’s actually a bit staggering, Timaree, just how many well known knitter/designers are former visual artists! I love reading books about knitters and knitters lives so I com across this a fair amount it seems. Just off the top of my head, Joelle Holverson of the Purl Bee and several knitting books, as well as Teva Durham, who actually was an actress I think as well as artist. They seem to go hand in hand. 🙂

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