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4 thoughts on “FREE Patterns

  1. They are all beautiful but I truly love the Snowy Frostman Pattern!!!!! If knitting was my thing I would make a dozen! The snowflake sweater will look great over leggings. I do love your different uses of color. Have a wonderful colorful day,

    • Thank you Pam!! So glad to “see” you here on my blog! I’m thinking you have a love for snowmen, taking into account your profile pic and other pics you post on FB! I’m wearing Snowflake Sweater now with my leggings and boots! Perfect for our frigid temps today! Thanks for commenting here!!

  2. I’ve just stumbled onto your site & I LOVE LOVE LOVE these cute pics/illustrations you have on here as well as your free patterns. I’ve just printed the Easy-Peasy-Lace one & it’s perfect for a gift for my younger sister who’ll be doing some traveling to colder areas in the upcoming weeks!
    Thanks a bunch!

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